What is a laser tracker?

A laser tracker is a powerful portable Coordinate Measuring Machines that delivers several great benefits to companies in need of inspection of their parts.

How can laser trackers help your business?

Laser trackers allow companies to cut cost, save time, elevate quality, and improve productivity. Possibly the biggest benefit from using a laser tracker is the ability to free up a machining center from the burden of inspecting the part it just machined and allowing that machining center to get back to making metal chips; and when a machine is not making chips, it is not making money. Along with the increase in machining time, laser trackers allow for a truly independent inspection and verification of dimensions while also holding an accuracy of .001”. Independent verification improves quality and oversight of workmanship, which in turn emphasizes to customers the importance of quality in your work and business.  

Laser trackers simplify the inspection process

Laser trackers simplify the inspection process more than any other option available. Since laser trackers are portable, rather than taking parts to your large stationary CMM, you can take your portable CMM (laser tracker) to the part anywhere in your facility. The laser tracker’s flexibility allows for a part to stay in one location, with no need to level the part to gravity and no need to move the part across your facility. This allows companies to save a tremendous amount of time and money. Since the part is not necessarily in a climate-controlled environment like a stationary CMM machine would be, the laser tracker software is able to scale the part to 68°F, to ensure parts are inspected to drawing requirements.  The software packages, are also able to deliver reporting options and graphical screenshots including color maps, GD&T analysis, CAD comparisons and data trending that alternative inspection techniques cannot provide.

Do laser tackers save your business money?

Laser trackers open the door for companies to deliver a precision machined and fabricated part to their customers while also providing cost savings and increased productivity that can easily be seen on the bottom line. This sophisticated piece of equipment also provides soft returns by decreasing time spent moving and inspecting parts, as well as allowing for Quality departments the ability to construct detailed inspection plans and professional reports. Your customers are guaranteed to appreciate such an improvement in your quality matrix. Any company looking to improve their inspection process while also improving their bottom dollar would find great satisfaction and business benefit utilizing a laser tracker and software package. Whether your renting or buying, a laser tracker system will pay for itself in no time.

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