Metrology Equipment Training

Metrology Equipment Training

Midwest Metrology Solutions offer expert instruction in the use of 3D precision measurement equipment. We offer two courses including the basic operation of the equipment and an advanced course with more specific details involving the equipment and software. Training classes are available at customer’s facility.

Midwest Metrology Solutions provides training in the following areas:

Basic and Advanced Equipment Operation

The Basic course covers introductory elements including

  • How the equipment works.
  • How to set-up and check out systems for optimum performance techniques for using the system and software basics.

The Advanced course includes a quick review of basics, and then a focus on customer specific applications.

Software Training

The Basic and Advance courses on software involve training in multiple software types including: Spatial Analyzer, Faro Cam2 and Polyworks.

Tool & Part Inspection

The tool and part inspection course section outlines the customer specific requirements for measuring the customer’s tools or parts.

Tool & Part Fabrication

This course focuses on project tested techniques for optimizing measurement systems for assembling, aligning and fabricating tooling and parts.

Both the basic and advanced equipment operation training will involve software training including: Spatial Analyzer, Faro Cam2 and Polyworks.