About Us

About Us

At Midwest Metrology Solutions, your satisfaction is our main priority. By focusing on quality and working with the most precise equipment and software in the industry, we are able to deliver accurate and reliable solutions for everyone.

Our Metrology Company

We are a metrology company with years of experience in the metrology world. Our on-site contractors are ready to take care of all your 3D measurement needs. Whether it is an emergency outage or planned inspection, we are available 24/7 to ensure our customers are taken care of.

Technical Expertise

Our on-site contractors have a vast array of experience, including consulting work for the Department of Defense, Nuclear, and Automotive. With our extensive knowledge of GD&T, primary focus on Quality, and manufacturing expertise, we have been able to ensure our customers have a leading edge on their competition.


MMS certifies their equipment in conformance with equipment manufacturer’s specifications for accuracy and working volume.

MMS works in accordance with NAVSEA and Mil-Spec requirements. All traceability data is available upon request.

 Equipment Certification : NIST Interim KinAiry Volumetric Performance Certification (NIST IR-8016).

What is 3D Metrology?

3D Metrology is the art and science of creating extremely accurate three dimensional data models of complex surfaces and objects. 3D metrology has become more and more important with the rapid growth of the extensive computer modeling that is at the heart of today’s technological advances. 3D Metrology takes us from existing objects to the theoretical model, and from the theoretical model to new accurately manufactured objects. 3D Metrology is the key connection between the physical and virtual worlds.

What is a Laser Tracker?

A laser tracker is similar to a theodolite, in that it records horizontal and vertical angles, but has the added feature of being able to record a distance using an interferometer at the same time. This permits the calculation of x, y, z values for any point from one tracker position (theodolites require a minimum of 2 positions). The angular readings are in the +/- 1/2 arc second range, and the distance is recorded by an interferometer to +/- 2 ppm.

What is a Portable CMM/Arm?

A portable CMM Arm is used to inspect, reverse engineer, or perform CAD-to-Part Analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with remarkable accuracy.Measures within +/- .0010 inches (+/- .25 mm). Available in spherical ranges of 4 ft – 12 ft (1.2m to 3.7m).

Basic Computations

With theodolites, the basic calculation is to use two horizontal and vertical angles and a baseline distance established between the theodolites to “triangulate” the position of the intersection of the two lines of sight to the point.

More complex computations are used for defining the location of the theodolites relative to a defined reference system through “a least-squares coordinate transformation”. This process essentially allows moving a set of points and overlaying them on a similar set of points in a desired reference system by minimizing the sum of the squared deviations.

Laser trackers, since they don’t require multiple instruments to read a single point to generate its coordinate values, primarily use the coordinate transformation to relate different sets of point measurements to a common reference frame. This would include relating points measured from different tracker set-ups.

Benefits of using CAT, or Laser Tracker, or Portable CMM/Arm

Fast Data Collection – reduces downtime of objects being measured.
Highly Accurate – greater accuracy than conventional methods of using jig transits, levels, scales.
Highly Portable – equipment can be easily shipped by air to a customer site or rolled across the factory.
Surface Scanning – Laser trackers can collect data at a veryrate of 1000 points/second.